Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project

Scandinavian Highlands holds a 100% interest in the Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project situated in Troms Fylke, Norway.


The Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project is situated in the inner Troms mountainous region, northern Norway. The Project is currently under an Exploration Permit and ownership is 100% Northern Highlands ApS (NH). Prior to NH's exploration activities, only little geological work has been done in the area. During regional mapping campaigns in the late 1950's and early 1960's the greenstone belt was briefly visited and mapped as Pre-Cambrian basement window. No exploration company had prior to NH acquired Exploration Permits in the area.

Project Highlights, major assets and facilities with the Project are:

  • Proven gold mineralization in a classic Pre-Cambrian (>1800 Ma) greenstone belt setting.
  • Gold mineralization along 1800 meter strike.
  • Promising untested geophysical anomalies associated with Au-Ag-Cu-As soil geochemical anomalies.
  • Highly anomalous Au values in soil samples in large scale structural controlled mineralization system.
  • Highly anomalous As values in soil samples defining three large exploration targets.
  • Exploration pro local and regional government.
  • Bardufoss Airport situated only 7 km south of the license area.
  • European route E6 running through the license area in a N-S direction and port facilities only 56 km away in Finnsness, Norway.
  • Power line running through the license area.


The Mauken greenstone belt is a previously unexplored Paleoproterozoic basement window exposed in the Norwegian Caledonides. The belt is dominated by a series of mafic to felsic volcaniclastic formations with extensive hydrothermal alteration in structural controlled systems. The dominant rock types hosting gold mineralization are felsic volcanic rocks and lesser supracrustal metasediments.

The discovery of the first larger gold mineralized zone was made in late 2008 after several seasons with geochemical sampling in the region. The gold mineralization is associated with arsenopyrite and elevated antimony values. The gold mineralization is hosted in 1.0-6.0 metre wide, sub-vertical dipping felsic volcanic rock within NW-SE trending shear zone (Main Zone) which can be followed for more than 1800 metres. Open in both ends. A diamond drill campaign was completed in late summer 2010 with very promising results. The four drill holes intersect the gold mineralized zone and proved the mineralization to continue down dip. The typical grades sampled in Main Zone (surface rock grab samples) range between 1−4 g/t gold. Presently the maximum grade in Main Zone is 6 g/t gold.

Additionally up to 12 g/t gold (grab samples) were reported in quartz veins and 6 g/t gold were sampled in elongate rust zones a mafic volcaniclastic formation. This discovery is an entirely new and prospective style of mineralization.

Exploration Programme

The first exploration activities in the area began in 2005, with an initial stream sediment sample campaign designed to test the unexplored greenstone belt. This was followed up in 2006-2007 with further stream and rock grab samples. The gold mineralization in Main Zone was discovered in late autumn 2008, and further developed during the 2009 field season. The strike of the gold mineralized zone is currently more than 1800 metre and open in both ends. The extension in depth has been tested by surface drilling. Six drill holes totaling 682 m has been drilled, where four holes intersected the mineralization at depth. The sub-vertical mineralization is open to depth.

During the 2011 field season more than 10,000 soil samples have been collected on the license property. The sampling program not only delineates the known gold-arsenic mineralisation but also defines three new arsenic-rich geochemical anomalies, all of a significant size.


See News for update on the Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project.

Last updated: May 23, 2016


Location: Norway
Ownership: 100%
Licence area: 71 km2
Status: Exploration license
Type of Ore body: Orogenic
Commodity: Gold

Mauken License outline 2011 - october

Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project Exploration Licenses 2011. Red box showing the latest area enlargement.

Drill rig and other equipment at Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project

Drill rig and other equipment at drill site, Mauken Greenstone Belt Gold Project.

Gold-rich arsenopyrite in silicified and albitisised rock.

Close up of gold-bearing arsenopyrite mineralised felsic volcanic rock.

Massive pyrrhotite quartz vein hosted in chlorite schist

Sample with massive pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite mineralization in quartz vein hosted in a highly carbonate altered schist.