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A platform of technology, science and people for better predictions on the mineral exploration journey.


Who we are

Welcome to Scandinavian Highlands

We created a place where we replaced some of the hard problems of the mineral exploration process with an easy-to-use app, global data, H3, the world’s best grid for indexing and precision. A platform that performs operations for more successful explorations. And you’ll have our expertise and guidance all the way.

what we do

Mineral exploration by tecnology

We process data through protocols of ml, ai, and h3 grid producing the insights and predictions you are looking for. This saves time, and spending while keeping the carbon footprint at a minimum, leaving all of us and the Earth happy.


why hex-responder



Beyond guesswork

With real-time dynamic interpretations of global-data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and better predictions.


Multiple abilities

A helpful tool you can rely on at all stages of the exploration process. It serves as a guide and gives you the necessary information, as you navigate and explore.


Nice experience

A pleasant and enjoyable experience awaits you in a customised and intuitive friendly environment. Making it a breeze to view and explore desired destinations.


Deep insights

Hex-Responder leverage combined insights from global learning to the areas where you hold your activities, enhancing the robustness of the interpretations and predictions.


Easy. Quick. Precise.

NEWS ● Scandinavian Highlands participates in FEM ● 31 October - 2 November, Levi, Lapland, Finland 🇫🇮 ● 👋

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Scandinavian Highlands is a geology and technology company providing data driven tools and analysis for organisations and business.

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