Scandinavian highlands

Empowering Intelligence

We build a platform of technology, science, and people for better predictions on the mineral exploration journey.


Who we are

Welcome to Scandinavian Highlands

A science and technology-based platform directed at professionals in the mineral exploration business.

We aim to create a place where some of the tough data challenges in mineral exploration are solved and high-quality support is available to provide a smooth path of discovery.   

Our easy-to-use app utilizes comprehensive global data stored in a hexagonal discrete global grid system (DGGS). This means data is at your fingertips whenever and wherever it is needed.

While working with the platform, you will experience being in the pilot seat cruising through a vast sea of geological knowledge, whilst having our experts available to guide you all the way.

what we do

Mineral exploration by technology

We process data through protocols of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-map generation, producing all the insights and predictions you could need on your exploration journey.



Packed with exceptional features


beyond guesswork

With real-time dynamic interpretations of global-data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and better predictions.


multiple abilities

A helpful tool you can rely on at all stages of the exploration process. It serves as a guide and gives you the necessary information, as you navigate and explore.


nice experiences

A pleasant and enjoyable experience awaits you in a customised and intuitive friendly environment. Making it a breeze to view and explore desired destinations.


Deep insights

Hex-Responder leverages the combined insights from global learning to the areas where you hold your activities, enhancing robustness of interpretations and predictions.


Easy. Quick. Precise.

Unlock the endless possibilities of mineral exploration, with our people, science, and technology.